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Blood donation is a wonderful way of giving back a life, but to ensure the safety of both donors and recipients there are few requirements you should keep in mind.

Know Your Blood Group : –

The first step is to know your blood group and to which blood group your blood matches for donation. See the blood donation chart below

1. Blood O can donate red blood cell to anybody its the Universal Blood Donor.
2. Blood group AB can recieve red blood cell from anybody its the Universal Recipient.
3. Blood A and give blood to A’s and AB’s only.
4. Blood B can give blood to B’s and Ab’s only.

In addition to the A and B antigens, There is a third antigen called the Rh factor, which can be either present (+) or absent ( – ). In general, Rh-negative blood is given to Rh-negative patients, and Rh positive blood or Rh negative blood may be given to Rh positive patients.

A healthy person:-

  • You should be healthy, fit and not be suffering from any transmittable diseases can donate blood.
  • You must be 18 -60 years old and have a minimum weight of 50Kg can donate blood.

Add Donation History

Check when did you last time donated blood or suffered from any serious diseases:-

You should not already be donated blood or have been treated for malaria within the last three months.

Maintain your blood donation eligibility:-

To be careful:-

You should not be suffering from Cardiac arrest, hypertension, kidney alignments, epilepsy or diabetics. if so you must consult the doctor before donating the blood.
Ladies with a bad miscarriage should avoid donating blood for the next 6 months, or if you have been involved in some serious accident.

Blood Donation will Cost you Nothing,
But it will Save a Life

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The ingenuity of the Blood Wallet is that it simply requires a volunteer to register on and submit his/her contact details. Blood Wallet does not collect or store blood. Blood being a highly perishable, we insist that it should be stored in the best vessel – The Human Body!


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